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Goldfish Aquarium Screensaver is a good-looking 3D aquarium screensaver program, which displays various types of goldfish on your computer desktop.There are many kinds of goldfish, such as grass gold, tiger head, butterfly tail, black dragon eye, panda goldfish, etc.Goldfish Aquarium Screensaver is a colorful computer aquarium screensaver with a large collection of goldfish. This screensaver not only has the function of protecting the screen, but also has ornamental value. A variety of goldfish make you dizzy. It is an aquarium effect screensaver with a sense of virtual reality.This screensaver contains many beautiful lotus flowers. There grow a lot of lotuses in the virtual tank . You can see the effect of lotus slowly opening.

You can choose 4 different aquarium decorations and 25 different goldfish. You can also change the lighting and fog effects of the aquarium. There is a beautiful sound of running water in the fish tank, and air is constantly coming out from the bottom of the goldfish tank. You can set your favorite background music or the number of full breath.

You can tease the fish and click it gently with the mouse. The fish will avoid your click and swim away immediately. You can feed the fish and throw the fish food anywhere in the fish tank. The goldfish sees the hind horse upstream near the food and eats the food. You can also produce the ripple effect of water waves in the goldfish tank, which will affect the decorations of the whole fish tank and lovely goldfish.

This screensaver can run on the windows platform and supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000, win7, win8 and win10. Compatible with windows 32-bit and 64 bit systems.

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